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Canada Atlantic Immigration pilot Program

The Atlantic provinces of Canada were provided with an Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP)
program which was launched in 2017, and it is set with the target of inviting 7000 migrants to
the Atlantic region of Canada by the end of the year 2020. Recently, in March 2019, the
program has been extended to October 2021. The Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP) is meant to
hire skilled foreign workers for the Atlantic region of Canada, and this includes the freshly
graduated International students in the Atlantic Canada region.

The Atlantic Provinces of Canada include:
o Nova Scotia
o New Brunswick
o Newfoundland and Labrador
o Prince Edward Island

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP) was launched with the objective to combat the labor
market and dense population challenges in the Atlantic region of Canada. Bu inviting the global
talent to work and settle in this part of Canada, the government means to set the skill gap
started. When the provinces find a lack in Labour market demand and supply, then they can
invite the eligible candidates to Canada by offering them a job in their province through
the Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP) Program.

The eligibility requirements for Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP) Program.

Unless the eligibility requirements are met the candidate cannot migrate to Canada. The
following are the requirements for the Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP) Program.

o The candidate should have an education matching up to the Canadian High school
o The NOC skill Type accepted for the Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP) program is NOC “C.”
o The minimum language score requirements for migration in the region is CLB 4
o The work experience of the candidate should be in management, professional or skilled
o The minimum language skills in either English or French language
o The candidate should have enough funds to settle in the country.
o The Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) is a must requirement in all the
subcategories of selection
o Must have a job offer from the designated employers

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